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Exercise for the Heart
Some General Precautions

If you are looking for exercise for the heart that will suit your individual needs best, here are some general precautions that you should consider as you develop an exercise program.

1. If you find that your program is leaving you short of breath or fatigued, stop exercising. Share these symptoms with your health practitioner or schedule an evaluation with your exercise coach.
2. Stop whatever you are doing or slow down if you experience increased fatigue or shortness of breath. When you are resting, be sure to elevate your feet. If you continue to experience palpitations, call your health practitioner. He or she may make modifications in the fluids you consume or your diet.
3. If you have a fever or aren't generally feeling well, don't attempt to exercise. Wait at least a couple of days after your symptoms disappear before resuming any exercise program; unless of course, your health practitioner recommends otherwise.
4. Once you feel your heartbeat becoming irregular or if it becomes rapid, stop exercising. After you have rested for a good 15 minutes, check your pulse. If your pulse is still above 120 to 150 beats per minute, be sure to call your health practitioner for advice on the next step to take.

What if you experience pain while performing exercise for the heart? Don't ignore it! If you experience pain in the chest or anywhere else in your body, don't hesitate to stop whatever you are doing. If you do, it may cause damage or stress to the joints.

As a simple guideline, be sure to stop exercising and rest immediately if you:

1. Feel weak
2. Experience chest pain
3. Have swelling or unexplained weight gain (you should call your health practitioner immediately)
4. Feel lightheaded or dizzy
5. Feel pain or pressure in the neck, chest, shoulder, jaw or arm.
6. If you experience other symptoms that cause you to become concerned.

Most importantly, contact your health practitioner if you are experiencing symptoms that refuse to go away. While it's true that exercise for the heart is extremely beneficial, it's equally important too for you to take the necessary precautions. Remember that the symptoms can come and go, and it may range from mild to severe.

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