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Dabur Shilajit Gold 40 Capsules
Increase stamina & power
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Shilajit Gold is a unique combination of ShilajitGoldKesar and other important herbs like AshwagandhaKaunch Beej and Safed Mushali. Shilajit Gold is a powerful rejuvenator that helps increase stamina, vigour and vitality.

ShilajitBrings about balanced and harmonious health
It acts as a restorative tonic, slowing down wear and tear of body tissues, which in turn delays ageing. Shilajit increases the vigour & vitality,

GoldIncreases Strength, improves vigour and vitality
SaffronNervine tonic; has anti-fatigue property
Alkushi: helpful in spermatorrhea
AshwagandhaRejuvenating properties
Safed MushaliWell-known nutritive tonic & is often given with milk, along with other ingredients in 
cases of weakness.

Ingredients: Shilajit, Swarna Bhasma (Gold), Kesar (Saffron), Kaunch Beej (Alkushi), Gokhshru, Ashwagandha, Lavanga, Safed Mushali, Jaiphal, Akarkara, Barahikand, Bedarikand,  Yashada Bhasma, Dalchini, Karpur, Rajat Bhasma & Nutmeg oil.

Dosage: “Dabur Shilajit Gold is an Ayurvedic formulation for adults which is good in general weakness and helps maintaining stamina, vigor and vitality. It should be consumed in a dose of 1-2 capsules twice daily preferably with milk, however can also be taken with water ”


Packing Size: 40 capsules

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Shailajit capsules are recommended as a general tonic to all. It is also helpful for a wide range of common ailments including bronchial disorders, skin ailments, piles, anaemia, inflammation, excess fat and digestive disorders like dyspepsia, worms and constipation.

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Dabur Shilajit Gold 40 Capsules
Increase stamina & power
Rs. 680.00

Shilajit Gold is a powerful rejuvenator that helps increase stamina, vigour and vitality.

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